What You Should Know About Fragrance Notes and Fragrance Classifications

What You Should Know About Fragrance Notes and Fragrance Classifications

They say knowledge is power and the more you know the better you can decide with no regrets. Folks that don't take the time to do some homework before buying and getting into the habit of buying on the spur of the moment have to deal with buyer's remorse. We see this happening all too frequently when people buy a high-ticket item and later realize they should've waited or simply passed on the purchase. When speaking of smaller ticket items, the buyer's remorse issue isn't as severe but you still have the frustration of buying something you don't need. When you spend £20, £50 or £100 you're OK if the purchase is something you may only use occasionally.

Now let's consider a very intimate and personal item like cologne or perfume. When shopping for a fragrance the buyer needs some education on fragrance notes. Technically speaking fragrance notes are composed of top, middle and base notes. Each level is activated at a specific time with the base note providing the primary scent. And with specific fragrance notes there's the 'fragrance pyramid'. The top of the pyramid is where you'll find the 'top note' of the fragrance, the middle of the pyramid the middle notes and so on. In layman's terms the scent of a fragrance is a combination of specific ingredients that combine to make the fragrance notes.

All designer fragrance houses will provide information on fragrance notes for each scent they offer. Taking the time to learn about fragrance notes will help you, the buyer, avoid that annoying buyer's remorse. It's especially true if the person you're shopping for knows the type of fragrance they like. For example if they like a woodsy fragrance and mention a fragrance name you'll know to review the fragrance notes and see if that fragrance is classified as woodsy.

And speaking of fragrance classification there are four: floral, oriental, fresh and woody. It's important to take time and educate yourself on these four classifications. Every cologne or perfume will fall into one these classifications. Knowing that will help you or any buyer decide what fragrance is best for you or that special person (s) in your life.

The next thing you'll do involves shopping online so you can avoid the high prices of fragrances at your local department store. It is so convenient to go no further then you're home computer, click one or two buttons and enjoy the savings.