Clearance Cuticle Remover 150 ml

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Clearance Cuticle Remover is a revolutionary product, which softens the cuticle (hard skin around the nail bed) effortlessly. The product acts in 30 seconds, when the cuticle can be gently removed without risk of cuts. A perfect manicure/pedicure is achieved in no-time.

How to use

  • Apply Clearance cuticle remover on toes/fingers, let it penetrate for 30 seconds.
  • With the help of a cuticle pusher gently push away the softened skin from the surface of the nail bed.
  • Wash the treated area thoroughly using Clearance treatment soap, before and after the use of cuticle remover the neutralize active ingredients.

Warning: Not to be used on sensitive or irritated skin or open wounds.

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