LUSSONI 6 Piece Set Of Non Slip Rubber Coated Croc Clips

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  • High Quality – The croc clips have been designed in close cooperation with hair professionals to facilitate the work of these stylists
  •  Design- Crocodile clips make the work of any hair stylist easier. Their specially designed shape makes the clips easy to hold even thick and heavy strands of hair
  •  Materials- They are made of plastic and have a non-slip rubber coating which makes them extremely durable, antistatic and resistant to high temperatures
  •  Usage- The clips have a length of 11 cm / 4.33 inch to hold hair tight and can even hold large parts of the hair well together, the crocodile shape guarantees a comfortable grip and usage
  •  Complete set- The set includes 6 lussoni non-slip croc clips made of excellent material which makes them durable and easy to use
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